How Football players play darts


A funny one showing some of the most talented player (and some not so much) in the world playing darts. This might be the game for the overweight boys from the country yard but see how soccer players play the game.
Even though I am not going through all of them, I will share my thoughts on some of the most interesting ones. We cannot go without mentioning Messi and Ronaldo in a funny pic like this. Messi is so accurate that he kills the game managing to hit three darts one over another right in the middle of the target. Ronaldo broke the target putting the dart so strong. Ronaldinhio, as a magician, makes the dart going crazy but at the end it is always right on spot. Roberto Carlos is hitting pretty well even with a bottle right in front him. His stroke is again accurate even with this subject, just like on the field. The others players are also pretty funny, so I am letting you go and see them by yourself. Enjoy!

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