Esto es España!

We have talked many times for the domination of the Spanish teams in the European competitions. Looking at this year’s results in UEL and UCL it looks like this statement is once again confirmed. The only missing from the big three in Spain in 2016 is Barcelona. But the other members of the top teams in La Liga compensate for them.



Let’s look back at the 2014 season. Back then the winners of UEL and UCL were two Spanish teams – Sevilla and Real Madrid. This was actually the first year of the total domination. Then, on the next year Sevilla made their second consecutive title in UEL and the champion in the UCL was Barcelona.


Now, this year Sevilla is once again in the fight for the title in UEL. Liverpool is the only team standing in front of them right now. In the UCL the situation is way simpler, though – the final is between two Spanish teams – Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid and it is obvious that the winner will be from Spain. Let’s see how long this domination will continue.



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