Maximos Goleadores LA LIGA

In this article we will take a close look at the La Liga and Liga Adelante top goal scorers. The top six players will be compared and a conclusion based on the stats will be made. We tried to give you the most comprehensive information here, even though it is hard to compare different leagues form the same country.





In the Spanish Liga Adelante the competition is fierce, just like in the upper league. Top three teams have a difference of only 4 points between each other and only a small mistake could cost the title to any team. But let’s take a look at the top goal scorers here. In Adelante the player with the most goals one round before the end of the season is Sergio Leon.

The Spanish attacker managed to put a 20-goals effort this season and is currently on top of the table followed by Andone (18) and Rodriguez (17). In La Liga the situation is the following: Luis Suarez is leading comfortably with 37 goals, with only one match remaining. He is followed by Ronaldo with 33 and Messi with 26 – both having almost no chance of catching up.





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