Meanwhile, Rubén Pérez was found kissing Neymar Jr.


In the last round of the Spanish La Liga Granada is hosting the team of Barcelona. The guests need the three points here, as if they lose points here this could mean they will finish on the second place in the league. It is actually the most important match for them this season.

The guests started the game strong. They got few chances to open the scoreboard but did not succeed until the 22nd minute when the ace of Barcelona, Luis Suarez made the first goal for his team. Little later in the first half, in the 38th minute, he made the second goal for 0-2. At the end of the match, in the 86th minute, Suarez made his hat trick to for the final 0-3 and secure the title for the team.

Enrike put the optimal squad on the field in order to secure the win. In the 61st minute of the match, though, Neymar once again was put in bad situation. He tried to nutmeg Ruben Perez but the defender got angry at his try. They almost got into a fight. Only the relaxed behavior of Neymar hindered the fight. See the situation yourself below in HD.







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