Even the best teams in the world sometimes step on the wrong foot – big time. This is the case also with FC Barcelona – arguably the greatest team in Spain and in the world last couple of years. They have put some great effort but it just how it goes – you cannot always play at the top of your capabilities.





Starting way back in time, Athletic Bilbao made the days for Barcelona very bad humiliating them in two matches with 1-12 and 0-6. To be fair, 12 goals is the biggest number of goals Barcelona has received in a single match ever. The biggest rival of the team of Catalonia throughout the years, Real Madrid, also gave them a hard time in two matches – one finished 1-11 and the other 2-8.

But there is one opponent that put Barcelona to the ground in three matches! This is the team of Sevilla FC – 1-11, 0-8 and 1-7. It turns out that the biggest embarrassment for Barcelona came from this team and not Real Madrid – interesting!

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