Messi in FC Barcelona vs Messi in Argentina

Lionel Messi has been carrying a lot of teams on his back in some very important moments in his glamorous career. But the way he is doing that is different when playing on a club and on national level.

Messi is Messi after all, but let’s take a look how he is positioned in offence in both situations.





Playing in Barcelona is fun for the Argentinian. He is surrounded by at least 4-5 players who are constantly helping him, providing great passes and support for the super star. This is just the way Barcelona plays and this suits Messi perfect.


But the situation in the national team of Argentina where Messi is performing is quite different – often he is left all alone in offence supporting on rare occasions by the two wings. But even then he is still creating the dangerous situation he is capable of – after all this is Lionel Messi.


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