EL Clasico – Craziest Moments


The games between Real Madrid and Barcelona, or the so called El Clasico, is probably the most anticipated and viewed event in the world of soccer. The clashes between these two giants offer a huge amount of fun for all the spectators and fans because so much history and pride are put on stake every time.


But in these matches the tension goes sky high sometimes which leads to moments we rather don’t see on the playground. With so many super stars on the pitch it is actually pretty hard for everything to go smoothly – especially when taking a look at defenders like Ramos and Pepe from Real Madrid or Dani Alves and Puyol from Barcelona.

These guys just go aggressive when their team is losing. Losing their temper often leads to brutal fouls and red cards in the hand of referees. In the video below you can check some of the craziest moments in the El Clasico games. Enjoy!



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