Transfer Spend by League this Summer

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Today we are taking a look at the transfers spent by the 5 most popular leagues in Europe. These are having huge budgets and it looks hard to be on the loosing side of it but let’s see what the numbers have to say on the matter.

First we are taking a look at the English BPL – these guys have a total income of 437 mln euro but have spent the overwhelming 1 billion euro which puts them in passive of 565 mln euro. Strange right? We are continuing with the Italian Serie A – their income is 582 mln and the spent money are just 549. Well gold for them as they are on the plus side with over 32 mln euro.

We are going to Germany for a while to see how they are performing but the situation is not good at all – 432 mln income and 448 spent. Again they are below the break even. The Spanish La Liga is actually in the same league as most of the participants here – a total of 67 mln down. And last but not least comes the French Liga 1 with the highest profit in this comparison table – 33.65 mln euro. Well it looks like the situation is not so bright after all.

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