TOP 10 Hottest Wives of Soccer Players

[content_list type=”page” ] [content_item title=”Alice Goodwin (Jermaine Pennant – Stoke City Football Club)”] Jermain Pennant the former Liverpool and Arsenal player recently married a british glamour model Alice Goodwin, she got some knockers on her as you can see from the picture. He is belssed to have such woman in his bed.   [/content_item] [content_item title=”Zaira Nara (Diego Forlan –  Cerezo Osaka)”] Zaira Nara is one of the hottest wags…

October 4, 2016

This is why we love Portugal

August 22, 2016

Lately Portugal got a lot to be proud of. They managed to win the European Championship this year for the first time in history. The superstar of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, is also coming from Portugal. But this time we are taking a look at a different type of proud.   It is also coming from the sport industry – this time, athletics. This beautiful girl is competing in the…


Transfer Spend by League this Summer

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August 19, 2016

Today we are taking a look at the transfers spent by the 5 most popular leagues in Europe. These are having huge budgets and it looks hard to be on the loosing side of it but let’s see what the numbers have to say on the matter. First we are taking a look at the English BPL – these guys have a total income of 437 mln euro but have…


Messi in FC Barcelona vs Messi in Argentina

June 29, 2016

Lionel Messi has been carrying a lot of teams on his back in some very important moments in his glamorous career. But the way he is doing that is different when playing on a club and on national level. Messi is Messi after all, but let’s take a look how he is positioned in offence in both situations.       Playing in Barcelona is fun for the Argentinian. He…


Zidane vs Benitez

May 12, 2016

There are two types of head coaches in the world of soccer – these who start big and then go down the hill and those who come from small divisions and go up the latter. In the 2015/2016 season two representatives of both types entered the Real Madrid universe.     Back in 2015 Rafa Benitez took the command in the team from the capital of Spain. This was an…


Your favourite WC winner is?

May 11, 2016

The UEFA World Cup is the most awaited football event in the world. It is played once every four years and is like the Olympic games of soccer. For the time period from 1994 to 2014 there were 5 different winners for the 6 tournaments that have been played.   In 1994 the team of Brazil won the WC. This was amazing summer for them and the cup went back…


League Champions from 2013 to 2016

May 8, 2016

In Europe there are five main leagues that are witnessed by fans throughout the world. These are the four most commercial domestic leagues with most starts in them and the best result and football spectacles. By name they are: Ligue 1 in France, Bundesliga in Germany, Seire A in Italy, La Liga in Spain and the Premier League in England.                    …