May 14, 2016

  Karim Benzema is the current ace of Real Madrid. He is French football player with Algerian descent, playing as a striker for the national team of France. His early career began in the B-team of Lyon – later he moved to the first team. From 2009 on, he is playing as a striker in Real Madrid. For the national team of France he is playing since 2004 – first…


Shakira’s Reaction after Cristiano Ronaldo Goal

May 13, 2016

A titanic clash putting Real Madrid and Barcelona against each other – it is just another El Clasico. What is different this time was one specific supporter at the tribunes – Shakira.   Cristiano Ronaldo obviously didn’t know or didn’t care that the girlfriend of Gerrard Pique was watching the game from the VIP Lounge close to the field. He made an amazing attack by himself and scored the goal…


When fans are more attractive than football

May 11, 2016

Well, the game of soccer is definitely an interesting thing… in most of the cases. The things that happen on the filed make so many fans around the globe exited. But there are single cases in the lower divisions and weaker leagues, where the game is just not so interesting.     As this case with a beautiful lady with Brazilian back walking at the stance in a game in…


Maria Sharapova shows off her soccer skills!

May 10, 2016

As soccer is occupying most of our “sports watching” time it is hard to focus on some other sport. Let’s take for example tennis – this sport is watched by the fans 12 times less than football, and this is only by data collected from one continent only. So, it looks like a good move to combine tennis with soccer in order to increase its watchability.     In the…


Crazy Football Fights, Fouls, Brutal Tackle & Red Cards

May 9, 2016

Crazy Football Fights, Fouls, Brutal Tackle & Red Cards   Football is an amazing sport that pulls together fans from all around the world. It is a noble sport and everybody appreciate that. But there are some that just don’t obey the rules. Watch them in the video below in HD and don’t forget to like and comment.     VIDEO:


Every team’s mistake

May 9, 2016

Every team can make a mistake in acquiring certain player in the squad – event the biggest of them all. Often, this is a mistake made by the scouts of the team but sometimes the head coach has equal or higher level of guilt. Either way this means a waste of time and money for the institution.     For most of the small domestic teams a mistake with the…


What was FC Ingolstadt 04 groundsman’s thinking?

May 7, 2016

Leicester City and Manchester City both got great seasons this year. The first team managed to win the EPL title for the first time in their history and make a sensation in England. The second team reached to the semifinals of the Champions League where they were eliminated with 1-0 by Real Madrid. But what were their ground men thinking when getting the grass ready for their most important battles…


Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez Funny Moment on Marcelo interview ‪

May 7, 2016

  Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely having a good time in Real Madrid. This could be seen on the field and off it. On the pitch Ronaldo is showing it in his style of play and the confidence he is playing with. It is just an amazing thing to watch and witness. But his outgoing personality can be seen in the video below too. During Marcelo’s interview after a game of…


Neymar continues the tradition

May 6, 2016

What does these two pictures have in common? Yes, it is the man standing in the middle of the picture making that sign with his hands. They are the well-known among soccer fans – Ronaldinho and Neymar Jr.         Other than the exceptional performance on the field, these two share and common manner when a picture of the team is taken. Something else is that they have played for the same team…