Real Madrid Possible LineUp 2016/2017

Real Madrid Possible Squad
June 24, 2016

The season for the team of Real Madrid is not finished yet. The boys of Zinedine Zidane got their most important game for the year this Saturday in the UEFA Champions League final against Atletico Madrid. It remains to be seen if they will manage to win the trophy for 11th time in their history but rumors for the next season’s line up of the team are already popping.  …



May 11, 2016

Well, there are some players who can always be replaced. In the worst case scenario a new generation on the position can be awaited. But there are some who just are not replaceable. These are the supernovas of the big teams who are just born for the current generation – their number is highly limited.     Let’s take this into the perspective of Real Madrid. This team needs a…


Maximos Goleadores LA LIGA

May 9, 2016

In this article we will take a close look at the La Liga and Liga Adelante top goal scorers. The top six players will be compared and a conclusion based on the stats will be made. We tried to give you the most comprehensive information here, even though it is hard to compare different leagues form the same country.       In the Spanish Liga Adelante the competition is…


Great comeback from Real Madrid

May 8, 2016

The standings in almost all of the big leagues in Europe are pretty clear by now. One of them is making an exception, though – the Spanish La Liga. The situation there looks like a WWF match and the thing is that you never know how the ranking will look like after every weekend.   Just a few weeks ago Barcelona and Atletico Madrid were both making laugh over the…


Keylor Navas Amazing Scorpion Save vs Marcelo!

May 7, 2016

  In Real Madrid a change of the generation took place in the goalkeeper position. The predecessor Iker Casillas gave his spot to the new star in the world of soccer – Keylor Navas. The new-comer’s task was to bring some freshness to the position that has been occupied forever. Maybe it went this way for good…     During the past couple of years Casillas did make some unforgettable…


Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez Funny Moment on Marcelo interview ‪

May 7, 2016

  Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely having a good time in Real Madrid. This could be seen on the field and off it. On the pitch Ronaldo is showing it in his style of play and the confidence he is playing with. It is just an amazing thing to watch and witness. But his outgoing personality can be seen in the video below too. During Marcelo’s interview after a game of…