May 7, 2016

Real Madrid has gone through some changes last few years. They managed to win some trophies with Carlo Ancelotti leading the team but there came a change in the leading staff with a promises for even brighter future. Rafa Benitez came on top of the Spanish Grand and this came no easy.   Zidane is solid in the midfield and strong up front with Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema as offensive…


Arbeloa and Alonso Fight Vs Leo Messi

May 6, 2016

    Back in 2013 the defenders of Real Madrid were pretty tough. In the face of Arbeloa and Alonso the defense line looked very stable. Back then Lionel Messi was back on top of his game and it was hard for anybody to stop him – including the players of Real Madrid.   In the EL CLasico of 30th of January 2013 the level of tension at the end…


This is Zidane!

May 5, 2016

Once there was a saying that “Not every bald manager is Pep Guardiola”. This man got such successful years and so many trophies that he became a symbol of success in the league of the bald managers. But how are things going this season? This season everything has changed. Once a successful role model on the head coach post, Pep is now going downhill. This year his Bayern Munich got…


Sensentional goal from Gareth Bale vs. Manchester City

  The second leg of the battle in the semifinals in the UEFA Champions League between Real Madrid and Manchester City is expected by all the soccer fans around the world. First match finished by the result of 0-0, a draw that left everything for the second match in Madrid. The game started strong for the hosts. Real Madrid got plenty of opportunities right after the first whistle. First Cristiano…

May 4, 2016