Hottest Asian Athlete in Rio Olympics 2016

October 3, 2016

[content_list type=”page” ] [content_item title=””]     Shiho Yoshimura is a Japanese volleyball team player, She Been getting popular lately By all the Audiences     [/content_item] [content_item title=””]       [/content_item] [content_item title=””]       [/content_item] [content_item title=””]       [/content_item] [content_item title=””]       [/content_item] [content_item title=””]     [/content_item] [/content_list]


TOP 10 Most Expensive Football Transfers

September 29, 2016

[content_list type=”page” ] [content_item title=”Kevin De Bruyn”] Kevin De Bruyn (2015) Wolfsburg to Manchester City £55m     [/content_item] [content_item title=”KAKA”] Kaka (2009) AC Milan to Real Madrid £56m   [/content_item] [content_item title=”Angel Di Maria”] Angel Di Maria (2014) Real Madrid to Man Utd £59.7m   [/content_item] [content_item title=”Zlatan Ibrahimovic”] From Inter to Barcelona 69,5m euros. (2009)   [/content_item] [content_item title=”James Rodriguez”] James Rodriguez (2014) Monaco to Real Madrid £63m   [/content_item] [content_item title=”Neymar…


LEAKED: Hacker Posts Intimate Photos of Sky Sports Italy presenter.

September 23, 2016

[content_list type=”page” ] [content_item title=”1″]  The famous sports journalist Dileta Leota was the victim of hacker attack. In the Internet appeared intimate photos from the phone to the beauty of Sky Italia, which is shared through the app WhatsApp chat with her fiance. [/content_item] [content_item title=”2″]  It turns out that besides her lover, frame able to enjoy the whole world, and TV star had to call the police to find out…


10 Worst signings in Real Madrid history

September 20, 2016

[content_list type=”page” ] [content_item title=”Emerson”]   The Brazilian midfielder joined Real Madrid for £16,000,000 in 2006   [/content_item] [content_item title=”Walter Samuel (2004)”] He arrived at Madrid for £23,000,000 from Roma and in 2005 Samuel returned to Inter for £14,000,000 and regained his form.   [/content_item] [content_item title=”Nicholas Anelka (1999)”]   He had initial success at Madrid, but soon fell out of favour with fans, fellow players, and new coach Vicente…