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  2015 comes to an end and everybody is making retrospection. Leaving the past year behind some striking facts appear. As in most aspects of live, in the soccer world everything is equal once again – a fresh start.           You are looking at the comparing sheets and all the stats of teams and players and they all look the same. For example, Manchester United and…


Who should win BalonD’or ?

Balon D’or, as the most prestigious trophy a player can possess, is the most wanted winnings of them all. As every year the three most deserved footballers go into fierce battle for this recognition. This year again, three names appear in the list – Neymar Jr, Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Who should win is a question of opinion but also stats. Let’s take a look at the stats of…


Managers and their plans for 2016

Everybody starts making plans for the upcoming 2016. The retrospection is short and right after it the main part comes – what are our goals for the next year. This rule is also true for the managers of some of the top football teams in the world. Let’s follow what their plans are for the rest of the season in 2016.       The managers of the top two…


Cristiano Ronaldo in 2015

2015 comes to an end and everybody is making retrospectives for what they have done for the past year. One of those men is Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s see how he has performed throughout 2015 on a club and national level.     Well, it is obvious he got his focus set on the club competitions more than on the national. This is somehow natural because the matches with the national…


This is how football lost its competition…

So many great names in one picture! From 1996 till 2015 some great names have won the trophy that all the players strive to own – Balon D’or. But at the end, there only be one!             In 1996, two football legends made company to Ronaldo at the top of the football world. Next in 2000, Zidane was accompanied by other two greats. | Than…