• Brothers Till The End!! Vazquez defending Morata and Ramos helping Vazquez.
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  • Golazo de Cristiano Ronaldo Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid 0-1
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A lesson in life from the Real Madrid players

A lesson in life from the Real Madrid players There are a lot of lessons a man needs to learn in life in order to progress. Let’s see what lessons can give us the players from Real Madrid. Twelve guys have been chosen from the team – guys that represent important values which are legit on the field as well as away from it. Maybe this is how you build…


How the football players shoot

How the football players shoot How do these players shoot the ball from a free kick? This picture tries to explain this in the most comprehensive way possible – let’s dig into this! First two places are as always preoccupied by the two best players in the world right now – Messi and Ronaldo. They are both placing perfect hits with the only difference being the distance to the goal…


Players Controllers. Which one is your favorite?

Players Controllers. Which one is your favorite? Just look how these controllers try to represent these players. It is not hard to catch the logic behind the scenes. The one that I love the most is this one with Giggs. Even though he is not playing professionally any more he still is in the eye of the media. He is an old school PS1 controller which still operates just fine….


Most Expensive Cars of Football Players

Most Expensive Cars of Football Players Another (updated) comparison showing the most expensive cars some of the most famous football players have acquired. Maybe these kind of cash is not a problem for them. Not at all. Nani, Messi and Drogba looks to be the most modest guys from them all. They all have cars that cost around €165 000. Right after them are another EPL players who also have bought…


Top 10 Fastest Football Players

Top 10 Fastest Football Players Most of the top football players are fast. And they should be in order to keep their game at the highest level possible. But who is the fastest among them all? Ovbiously, Antonio Valencia from Manchester United got the highest running speed of them all. He is just a little faster than his main rival – Garret Bale form Real Madrid. It is interesting to…


How Football players play darts

A funny one showing some of the most talented player (and some not so much) in the world playing darts. This might be the game for the overweight boys from the country yard but see how soccer players play the game. Even though I am not going through all of them, I will share my thoughts on some of the most interesting ones. We cannot go without mentioning Messi and…